Ladies Who MaeMae: Cait Courneya + A Giveaway!

I’m thrilled to introduce you all to a new column today, Ladies Who MaeMae! Ladies Who MaeMae are special gals who embody the MaeMae lifestyle - passionate, creative women who work to better the world using their unique views and talents. 

Our first Lady Who MaeMae’s is bridal and fashion illustrator, Cait Courneya. Cait recently moved back to Minnesota and is not only crazy talented, but incredibly kind. All of the illustrations above are hers and check out this sneak peek of the illustration she made of my wedding gown - love! According to Cait, she believes in creating beautiful treasures for her clients, whether it be a custom illustration or a beautiful card for a friend - that’s a mission we can get behind! 

Now, for a little Q&A with Cait: 

Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you live, what you do, etc:
I am a midwestern girly-girl at heart. Born and raised in Minneapolis, I grew up watching old movies and wishing I could live in a glamorous world. My life is decidedly less glamorous than an old movie, but it is the perfect life for me. I have an amazing husband who supports me in everything I do, and the sweetest dog in the world. My days are spent sketching and working on my business, and my evenings are spent with friends, family or snuggled up on the couch with my hubby and pup. I love the beauty of the snow in the winter, and lazy days at the cabin in the summer. I am one blessed gal.

How did you get into fashion illustration?
I have been dreaming in fashion since I was a child. I have memories of drawing dresses when I as little as 6 years old. I did a little illustrating before college, but I really fell in love with it when I was studying fashion design in Los Angeles. As a child I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. As a fashion illustrator I get to combine my two passions: Art and Fashion!

What’s your favorite part of your job?
I wake up every day and can't believe that I am fortunate enough to be an artist! I love the fact that I get to create something personal and special for my clients. The idea that my art can touch people's lives inspires me every day.

What outfit or piece of clothing makes you feel most fabulous and why?
I have this Monique Lhuillier splatter-print cocktail dress that I want to wear every day! It has this amazing pouffy skirt (which is a nod to my obsession with 50's musicals), and the black and white print looks like someone threw white paint on it. Its fabulous and whenever I wear it I feel like a movie star. 

Thanks so much Cait! Now it’s your turn! Enter to win a custom illustration by Cait - valued at $195 - by commenting below and telling us what outfit or piece of clothing makes you feel most fabulous. The winner will receive a bridal illustration of her own gown, or a fashion illustration of her favorite outfit (could be a  dream outfit, too!). Enter by Wednesday, November 20 at midnight, and check back on Thursday, November 21 for the winner! (Restricted to U.S. entries only). 

And in the mean time, make sure to check out Cait’s blog and Etsy shop!

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eeeep! this is so FUN! i would have my bridal outfit drawn :) i felt really beautiful and HAPPY on my wedding day and it'd be fun to have it illustrated. xoxo jillian
My favorite outfit is a sparkly little black dress for a special occasion (or hopefully my wedding dress next Sept!)
I feel so fabulous in the outfit I took for my engagement photos---short green anthropologie dress with gorgeous Indian fabric and bold purple heels. I really hope I win!
Her work is beautiful! I do fashion illustrations too. It would be so nice to have someone else illustrate me. I love really basic pieces that are comfortable. That's what I feel great in!
Anything from Anthropologie! :)
The outfit that makes me feel stunning and fab is my turquoise engagement dress with purple pumps. I wore it for my engagement shoot!
Stunning illustrations! I love my long black summer dress, scattered with pops of neon yellow. Wearing it with a statement necklace and wedges makes me feel amazing and reminds me of summer parties and great nights out!
I feel fabulous in my wedding dress! I just purchased it last weekend - its a beautiful Reem Acra gown! It fits perfectly with our theme and totally me - debuting on my wedding day - June 21, 2014!!
Stunning illustrations! I love my long black summer dress, scattered with pops of neon yellow. Wearing it with a statement necklace and wedges makes me feel amazing and reminds me of summer parties and great nights out!
I feel most fabulous when I've got on that great go-to pair of jeans and some fierce high heels!
I feel my best when I have on that go-to pair of great jeans and a fierce pair of heels!
What! I've been blabbing on and on recently about how I want/need (my wants and needs blur into one category) a fashion illustration done! Preferably with my Dick Tracy-esque yellow hat an old haberdasher in New York gave me, the ratty t-shirt a former musician boyfriend left and then all the glittery pieces I use to pull it together. Love, love, love your work, Cait!
Awesome giveaway! My go to is a stripped shift dress, textured leggings and boots. Not the most original, but I love it :)
I felt fabulous in my wedding dress. It was the best day!
I did a photo shoot where I got to wear a gatsby glam plunging neckline beaded gown it was the most daring thing I had ever worn and I felt so sassy!
My DREAM wedding dress is out there and I KNOW it! My wedding is next September and I have been planning my special day for years now. Mainly planning the wedding dress that I will wear on the most important day of my life. I am marrying my best friend and soulmate. My dream wedding dress encompasses all things beautiful. Classy, elegant, sexy, comfortable, a little sparkle and a little shine. Everything that makes me feel happy, beautiful and oh so special. I know my dress is out there and it will be perfect. I would love to have an illustration of my DREAM wedding dress when the day actually comes that I find that perfect one!
I have to say that my sweeping taffeta BHLDN gown with the ivory lace and pearl capelet I wore for our wedding last April really made me feel beautiful in a unique way. Not only was it memorable marrying the love of my life, but to have my dream dress, accessories, and hairstyle all put together... *le sigh* I would ADORE a stunning illustration by the talented Cait to commemorate the day! :) <3
I feel most fabulous in a floor-length gown. Or anything with sequins or faux fur!
UM, first of all, these are AWESOME...! I would definitely say my wedding gown made me feel like a million bucks. Ball gown - lace bodice and overlay - scallop lace trim - sweetheart neckline - strapless - cathedral veil. I wish I could relive that day over and over... maybe this illustration would let me! Love your work and love that we share a first name, Cait! Kudos.
The dress I wore was the most unforgettable part of my wedding day. I pulled it off the rack myself in a small shop in downtown Minneapolis, after the stylist asked me what I was looking for. Though I couldn't easily describe what I hoped for, only what I didn't want, I saw this dress and just knew that it was "me." I put it on and felt that feeling that I thought was only a myth, that this dress was the one I was meant to wear. A long cafe-colored silk charmeuse lining was overlaid with a floral lace appliqué, patterned with embroidery and crystals. I have never felt more elegant or more beautiful. I would love to see my dress in one of your drawings and display it in my home. ♥
I feel the best with a great pair of heels or boots. My wedding dress was short, so I could show off my purple shoes :) This prize would make for an amazing keepsake.
My wedding gown makes me feel gorgeous. I haven't actually *worn* it yet (except for fittings) but I'm constantly scrolling through the pictures I have of myself in it. I can't wait to debut it in a few short months!
I felt most fabulous in my wedding dress and my mom's cathedral veil. I am a fashion graduate and constructed my floral sash from fabric flowers I made and jewels and lace from my mom and grandmother's wedding dresses. We didn't have a massive wedding budget so we had to settle a little bit on our photographer. They got a handful of good pictures, but for the most part I just don't have a standout photo of what I remember my dress looking like.
I recently got married and it would be a dream to win a custom illustration of the gown I wore on my wedding day! It fit like a glove and was tailored to perfection! Plus it would be a beautiful keepsake to put on my desk to remind me daily of the best weekend of my life!
I love my wedding dress. If it was socially acceptable, I'd wear it every day!
My leather motorcycle jacket makes me feel the most fabulous. It can be layered, dressed up, dressed down, and has been on so many special trips with me!
What an awesome gift! I would actually love an illustration of my wedding gown. I got married back in '08, way before wedding blogs and Pinterest and a focus on good photography (oh, the horror!). Needless to say, my formal bridal portraits were, um, a little stiff and totally not "me". I'd love a fun, custom piece of artwork I would be proud to hang on my wall. After a brief stint in Minneapolis, I have to say how excited I am to see such an amazing group of women representing art and design in the city. Such talent!
Those sketches are darling! I'm getting married in May and I'd love this for my wedding album and scrapbook.
These sketches are just darling. I'm getting married in May and I tried on about 15 dresses before finding "the one". I did NOT want to take it off and felt beautiful in it. Needless to say, it's one of the very few things that makes me feel fabulous. For some reason the store wouldn't let me take pictures (even after purchasing). My friend snuck a photo that I kept looking at-and each time I get excited and anxious for May to come.
Beautiful illustrations! As a child, I always said I wanted to be an artist growing up and I drew little girls with dresses I wanted to design! haha I read somewhere that what you want to be as a child is what you will be most happy doing as a job/career. That would be nice! On another note, I feel my best in my little black dress. That sounds boring, but I can't lie. It just makes me feel good, and i think thats all that matters :)
I feel fabulous in ankle boots, tights, knee length A-line skirt and a sweater! Perfectly cozy for the fall. Would totally use this for my bio pic on my blog redesign :)
I've been a nurse for 5 years and getting my scrubs and danskos on is the biggest confidence booster ever! I worked hard to get where I'm at and I love dressing the part.
A pencil skirt always does it for me! Feminine and professional! Getting married in September and would love to have a gorgeous sketch by Cait Courneya.
I always have loved fashion illustrations, i think that they such a fun way to capture the essence of an outfit. they truly are a keepseak forever! i loved my wedding dress which made me feel so great... but what really makes me tick are my hunter rain boots. i love them so much and have found that i can do anything in them- hike , run in the rain, or just walk around the mall- i even wore them on my wedding day! sometimes it makes me chuckle to think how much a pair of schools means to me, but they truly rockedmy world!
This is such an awesome giveaway! My favorite thing to wear is anything really girly. If I could, I would wear a dress every day. My wedding is in a few months and this illustration would be so special to have!
Clothes that I am comfortable in, whatever they may be, casual or dressy, make me feel the best!
Hello! I have a menswear plaid button-up that I love more than anything (made complete by tying a bow near my waist). I love that it is worn in and oh-so-soft! I pair it with some skinnies and some gray Rachel Roy booties that I bought on my honeymoon in Montréal. I feel the most like myself when I wear this outfit! Cheers and thank you!
I'm a total jeans and tee-type girl, so finding a wedding dress that spoke to me was a challenge. Nothing felt right...until after browsing for ages online, I found the perfect wedding dress being resold by a girl in North Carolina. I bought it sight unseen -- scariest leap of faith we made when wedding planning, but I couldn't have imagined a more fitting way to find my dress. Like marrying my husband, I just KNEW. It was beautiful to have a dress that felt so significant and personal that even my husband couldn't have imagined anything more me. Thanks for showcasing such a beautiful artist!
I feel fab in maternity clothes. I love rockin skinniest, heels and a bump.
I just got married & I absolutely loved my wedding dress! It makes me sad that we only wear it that on day. It had a beautifully scalloped lace neckline, back straps and hem. I loved the way my skin shined through the lace. It was slightly fitted to show off my curves, but still gave me plenty of room to dance. And most of all, my husband loved it! I definitely would love to frame a drawing of me in my wedding dress. To have it to look & and remember that wonderful day & the way I felt- that was be amazing & truly special!
Love this!! Hands down, I feel most fabulous in my black sheen wool leggings/riding pants - warm, comfortable, slimming, feminine, sleek and sexy.
I got these really in-expensive scrunched cow boy boots with a short thick heel that i have worn over and over. Whenever i know im gonna have pictures taken they are my go to shoes and i know i always look great in them :) even though i ador my boots i would love a bridal illustration. My dress was designed by me and made by a friend so i think it would be so cool to see it in professional fashion sketch style.
definitely me in my wedding gown because that was the best day of my life! :)
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